How to Register for SEC Silom

Frequently Asked Questions about our Registration Process

  • Where can I register?
    • Because of the current situation we cannot meet at our old location. Instead we are teaching online. You can start the online registration process by clicking this link to our Online Application Form. After you complete the application and send it to us, one of our Thai staff will call you to confirm that we received your application and answer any questions you may have. If you would like to talk to someone first by telephone, please call us during regular office hours at 02-235-1977.

      Office hours:
      9:00 - 17:00 (Monday - Friday)
      (Closed Saturdays and Sundays)

      For more information please call us at 02-235-1977

  • I am thinking of registering to study at Santisuk English School, but this is my first time. Is there anything special I need to do?
  • You will need to register online. Please click this link for our Online Application Form. The first time you study with us at Santisuk English School we ask you to take a short, free test determine at which level you should start. If you are a Junior High student, you will be required to study in Pre-1 with a Thai teacher for your first month.

  • I have studied at Santisuk English School in the past, do I need to fill out another application form?
  • Yes. Please click this link to our Online Application Form.

  • When is the best time for me to register before the session I want?
  • We suggest you register early. The prices displayed on our website are for early registration. Each session has a discount deadline, usually a few days before the new session will begin. 

    • If you register after this date, you will need to pay an additional 300 baht. 
    • Also, it is a good idea to register early to make sure that the class you wish to study in is not already full. 
    • First time students do not need to pay the additional 300 baht if they register after the discount deadline.
  • What other information do I need in order to register?
  • There are two categories of students: 

 1. New Students - Students who are registering to study at Santisuk English School for the first time.

    • A photocopy of your Government or Student ID. When you fill out the Online Application Form you will be asked to upload a copy of your ID, so please take a picture of it and be ready to upload it with your application form.
    • One-time registration fee. 
    • The cost of your chosen session.
    • The cost of your textbook.
    • After we receive your application our staff will call you and give you our bank transfer information. 
  • When we have received your money transfer we will send your textbook and the New Student Handbook by regular mail or messenger.

 2. Old Students - Students who have studied at Santisuk English School previously.

    • Please contact our office to let them know that you want study in the next session. (02-235-1977)
    • Transfer the cost of your chosen session and the cost of your book, if you need a new book. (Check out our Costs page for price information).