I. Santisuk English School's CORE CURRICULUM (5 different levels):
Introduction to speaking English including conversations, pronunciation, grammar, reading, comprehension, and writing. Taught by a Thai speaker with excellent English. Students can ask Pre-1 teachers for explanations in Thai. This class is designed to prepare students for Level 1, which is taught by a native speaker.
Taught by a native English speaker, usually an American. Provides an introduction to many aspects of English with emphasis on pronunciation and using correct grammar in sentences. There is a major emphasis on speaking daily in class. Other aspects of this level include reading and comprehension, crosswords, expressions, and essay writing.
Continues on from Level 1 to provide additional grammar practice and sentence creation. Memorizing conversations is introduced in Level 2 to help students improve their speaking skills.
Continues on from Level 2 with more grammar practice, sentence creation, and conversations. But in this level spontaneous sentence creation is introduced through "on-the-spot" sentence drills and daily discussing in class "What I Did Today." Students will also be given dictation drills.
Level 4 introduces students to giving speeches that the student must present in front of the class and teacher. This level is designed to improve students' confidence in using their English in front of others. This level also helps to encourage students with their pronunciation by selecting a student to test the class's listening skills each day.
II. Santisuk English School's ADVANCED CLASSES
An in-depth study of all the major verb tenses in English, covering one or two verb tenses per day. Daily dialogues highlight the grammar lesson and place special emphasis on speaking and conversation skills. This class also includes reading and comprehension. Taught entirely in English by a native speaker or a Thai with excellent English. Students must have completed level 4 to take this class.
Daily topics with sample questions are used for students to first discuss as a class and then engage in in-depth conversations with one another. This class also includes reading, comprehension, and interview practice. A special emphasis is also placed on expanding vocabulary. Students must have completed level 4 to take this class.

PRACTICAL WRITING (Special course offered in October and November)
Watch for details in the Santisuk News September or October editions.  Students must have completed level 4 to take this class.

III. Santisuk English School's ELECTIVE CLASSES

An in-depth study of the parts of speech such as nouns, adjectives, and prepositions. As with all classes at Santisuk, grammar classes also emphasize speaking, reading, and comprehension. Taught by a Thai speaker with excellent English. Students must have finished Level 2 or any higher level in order to take these classes.

SPECIAL COURSES: from time to time Santisuk provides specialized courses: English and Music, English for Business, English for Hospital Staff, and English for Sports.
IV. Santisuk English School's BASIC CLASSES  (for those who cannot read English or whose skills in English are very poor).
BASIC 1-3 (English for Beginners)  Santisuk offers 3 levels of beginner courses for ADULTS who cannot read English or who have weak English skills. Basic 1 and 2 class size: 4-6 students.   Basic 3 class size: 5-8 students.