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About Santisuk English School

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Santisuk English School is a non-profit language school that has been registered with the Office of the Private Education Commission under the Ministry of Education in Thailand since September 12, 2003. We teach conversational English classes primarily to working people, college graduates, and university students along with some junior and senior high school students. We emphasize speaking and using English. We have 4 main classes, Levels 1 – 4, that total 120 hours, and many additional elective classes. All levels are 30 hours. Our classes usually meet Monday – Thursday but for two to three sessions each year classes meet Monday - Friday. Pre-1 class prepares students for Level 1 and is taught by a Thai teacher with excellent English to enable students to study Level 1 with a foreign teacher, usually an American.

Our 3 Basic levels, taught by Thai teachers, are excellent classes if your English is extremely weak. Students in Basic 1 usually cannot even read or write any English. By the end of Basic 3, you will be ready for our Pre-1 class. 

In addition to our adult classes, we also offer classes for young children during the longer school breaks in March, April, and October. We offer English, math, and science classes for children from K-1 to 6th grade. We have a morning and afternoon session as well as a full day program that includes lunch. During the school year, we offer both grammar and conversational English classes for the same age levels of children from 4:45-6:45pm.

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