Pugprink Akkarasawart (Pat) earned her M.A. in Communications from United States International University in San Diego, California and her B.A. in English from Silapakorn University in NakornPathom. Pat is currently the managing director of Bridge Communications, Co., Ltd., and a teacher and board member of Santisuk English Center Rachada (SCR).

Regular Teachers

Jessica Paukovits (Jessie) was born in Bangkok, Thailand to a Thai mother and a Hungarian father. She studied at an international school in Bangkok so she can speak fluent Thai and English. She is currently working at Bridge Communications and also is a Pre-1 teacher because she likes to teach English to Thai people.


Tidarat Sangthong (Tonnam) received a B.B.A. (International Business) from Thai Chamber of Commerce University. She is an administrative staff at SCR.