Classes meet Monday - Thursday, 2 hours per day for 15 days, 6 - 12 students per class.  *There is a one-time Registration Fee of 500 baht when students sign up for their first session at Santisuk English School.

*Returning students must register by the school’s deadline. After the deadline, tuition will increase 300 baht. Please check our Santisuk News to get the latest information.

Books and CDs
Santisuk English School uses materials, created in-house, to deliver the best learning resources possible. Each of these books is used in our classes. The CDs are for personal learning.


Book + CD: 160 baht

Book 1

Book + CD: 185 baht

Book 2

Book + CD: 210 baht

Grammar Through Dialogues

Book + CD: 210 baht

English for Hospital Staff

Book: 85 baht

Advanced Conversation

Book: 130 baht


Book: 180 baht