LFNM 2015

English for Kids - March 2015

Day Trip to Ayutthaya - Jan 25th, 2015

87 people attended including 14 from Santisuk Silom. There were 57 Thai and 24 foreigners. Lots of fun every month at Santisuk!

View the photos here!

Crocodile Farm and Ancient City - Day Trip

November 15th
53 people (teachers, students and friends of SES) joined our field trip to enjoy the animals and shows at Crocodile Farm, and cycling around Ancient City.


Interview with SES Founder in the Thai Newspaper, Kom Chad Luek, on September 21, 2013

Newspaper Interview

On September 21, 2013 - Kom Chad Luek (Thai Newspaper) published an article about SES, including an interview with our school founder.

You can find the article by clicking here or on the image (The article is in Thai).


Speaking Opportunities

When class is not in session, do you take advantage of opportunities to practice English? On a scale from one to ten, how are you doing? Here at Santisuk, our English classes are designed not only to teach you the mechanics of conversational English, but also to encourage you to practice English outside of class . What are some ways that you can practice your English? Watch programs that are in English; listen to music or stories that are in English; of course, try to have conversations with native speakers and spend time at Santisuk. By taking these small steps on a regular basis, your English will surely improve!


Are you interested in sharpening your grammar skills or looking for higher level and specialty English classes? Consider our electives: “Grammar for Daily Life”, “Grammar Through Dialogues”, “Advanced Conversation,” “Writing”, “English for Sports”, and “Basic Reading”. We will open these electives any month 6 or more students register (except “Basic Reading” that needs 3 or more).

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